Korona Noire Blackgorge


(Int'l and Multi Ch. Harwey Duke Blackgorge X Czech Ch. Juicy de la Noe d'Orient)

D.O.B.: Feb 2 2017
Lidka Kazdova, Blackgorge Kennel, Czech Republic

Owner: Ron Spilsbury


It's always nerve racking to choose a puppy by pictures, it worked with Jaguar!!

What helped is I was a long time fan of Korona's father "Harwey Duke", I think he is a beautiful dog (and from what I hear, with an amazing character and personality). So when I saw that Lidka from Blackgorge kennel bred a daughter of the exquisite "Multi Ch. Echo Ruby de la Noe d'Orient" with "Harwey Duke", that is when I became very interested. Korona appears to be a mini-version of her daddy, that is why we picked her!!

Korona arrived at our home on April 21th 2017. We are beyond ecstatic of her amazing confident nature... She is so smart!!! We will work really hard this summer to socialise her to everything!!!! We couldn't be more pleased of little miss Korona..


Korona below at 6 months of age, letting her mature like a fine wine.

We are quite impressed by her outline so far and of course her temperament..

Korona below at 11 weeks, one day before leaving for Canada.

Korona below at 6 weeks.

Korona below at 7 weeks.


Korona's father "Harwey Duke".

This picture speaks volume to Harwey Duke's amazing character :-)

Korona's mother "Juicy".



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