BIS Am.Grand.Ch. Beowolf Rime des Monts du Lac, Recommende


(ChCS. Rocco de la Montagne du Seigneur X ChCS. Rime des Assiers)

D.O.B.: Nov 4, 2006
Breeder: Eric Vavassori, France
Owners: Paul and Joanne Prager

The light came down from heaven when I first layed eyes on "Ch. Beowolf Rime des Monts du Lac". It was on Youtube videos!! His movement and type really hit it off for me. I was in love!!! He was still a young dog then and so I became his internet groupie!! Following his progress: becoming an American champion, then becoming the first beauceron in USA history to win a Best In Show, his Westminster Herding Group 3rd and his 2nd placement in the champion class at the 2014 French Beauceron National and this over 3 French champions!!

Regardless of his wins (that don't mean too much to me besides being impressive), Beowolf represents in every inch of his body the type I am striving for.

Not leggy, so it means deep chest with slightly longer than tall body, matching front and rear angulations, long neck blending beautifully into shoulders, expressive eyes and appealing chiselled head, proud head carriage, the finishing touch being a long low efficient movement. All this of course by always using the standard as my "bible"..

Beowolf show record in France:

Beo2 eme excellent à la NE 2014 de la classe Champion devant 3 champion de France !!!!!




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