Photo above: Joanne Boudreault and Am.Can.Ch. Jaguar Noir des Monts du Lac.







My history in dogs :

My name is Joanne and I have been involved in all-breed dog shows and breeding dogs (whippets) for more than 25 years!!

I always knew from my early teens that I would be a dog breeder despite that my parents didn't want any dogs in their home. So in the early 90's I left my parents' home and moved to be mentored by all-breed professional handlers. With them I learned how to care, train, groom and show top pedigreed dogs.

When I came back from this journey, I obtained my university degree in animal science (B.Sc.), then started breeding whippets under the Forgetmenot prefix. I had my first litter in 1997. Since then I have bred more than 26 litters and my whippets have been exported and shown in the USA, Italy, Finland, Normway, Sweden, Poland and Australia where they all became champions and are today the parents and grand-parents of specialty-winning champions.

Being intriged by beaucerons since a very early age, it is in 2007 that I acquired my first beauceron. A beautiful girl from prestigious lines, but the breeder never provided any papers! However, she was a great introduction to the breed for me. I then took several years to research breeders and pedigrees in order to purchase my second beauceron. This time I wanted to do things right!

The light came down from heaven when I first layed eyes on "Ch. Beowolf Rime des Monts du Lac". It was on Youtube videos!! His movement and type really hit it off for me. I was in love!!! He was still a young dog then and so I became his internet groupie!! Following his progress: becoming an American champion, then becoming the first beauceron in USA history to win a Best In Show, his Westminster Herding Group 3rd and his 2nd placement in the champion class at the 2014 French Beauceron National and this over 3 French champions.

I made a lot of research on the "des Monts du Lac" dogs and in a breed where in my opinion uniformity seems to be an issue, I found "des Monts du Lac" dogs to be fairly consistent generations after generations and this type appealed to me a lot. When I was ready to welcome another beauceron, I decided to contact "des Monts du Lac" breeder, Eric Vavassori from Rhone-Alpes in France.

I was ecstatic to learn that Eric was waiting to breed Beowolf's full-sister ChCS Brume Rime des Monts du Lac, so I eagerly put my name on his waiting list. And the rest is history, this is how I acquired in 2014 "Am.Can.Ch. Jaguar Noir des Monts du Lac" who literally took my life by storm...

Joint venture :

In the fall of 2015, Eric Vavassori and myself decided to associate, merge strengths and our 45+ years combined experience. Eric generously "extended" his "des Monts du Lac" kennel name to my residence in Canada where I will strive to maintain his high level of dedication and passion to produce beaucerons with exceptional temperament but also sound structure and conformation, that will become:

beloved family members and guardians,

faithful & reliable working companions and

top performing show dogs.

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